Colored Felt

The Colored felt is a synthetic fiber felt dyed in various colors; cut clean and has no lint.
Colored Felt
It is produced by needle punching method and unlike general woven fabric; cut surface is clean and without pilling. It is also excellent in dyeability and can be used in various fashion fields.
Anti-pilling, touch feeling, various colors, antifouling function, clean cut surface, light weight, tensile strength, water repellency

improvement + antifouling function + light weight + water repellency

  • Interior : A unique texture providing comfort and tranquility, the felt interior is a new trend to the fields of interior.
  • Handicraft/toy : SHINWON’s felt for handicraft is actively used in the handicrafts to toys market since it has a wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Apparel/Applique : Used to pinpoint or highlight the fabric with felt’s advantage in various color expressions.
  • Fashion Goods : SHINWON’s felt has a soft touch and appropriate thickness, made easier to manufacture different varieties of fashion items.